Loving God and Loving Each Other

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Charles Brackin, Chairman

Hal Alston

Mike Boyd

Scott DePriest

Ray Henry

Jerry Mock

Carlton Thomas

Children's Ministry


Children's Committee

Kyle Brackin

 Ashlie Brackin

Kathy Roney

Debra Mock

Karen Smith

Sydney Thomas

Christal Guy

Youth Ministry


Youth Committee

Hal Alston

Vicky Alston

Tim Marshall

Keisha Marshall

Pam Coates

Richard Coates

Brianna Moore

Douglas Roney

Senior Adult Ministry


Senior Adult Leaders

Joan Simpson

Jennifer Roland

Meets Monthly on 4th Saturday at 11 Am

Programs, Games, Fun, Food and Fellowship

Sunday School


Charles Brackin, Director

Classes for All Ages

Adult III, Joan Simpson, Teacher

Adult II, Mike Boyd, Teacher

Adult I, Cory Thomas, Teacher

College/Career, Scott DePriest, Teacher

Youth, Richard Coates, Teacher

Children III, Karen Smith, Teacher

Children II, Sydney Thomas, Teacher

Children I, Kathy Burch, Teacher

Meets Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM

Women on Mission Men On Mission


Meets quarterly on Monday evenings at 6:30 PM.

Karen Smith, WOM President